A Freedom Force fan metasite put together by catwhowalksbyhimself for all those who are part of the fantastic Freedom Force community.

If you wish to have your own Freedom Force related files hosted here, email me at

[email protected].

Hosted Sites



the mod graveyard


Where mods without other hosting go to rest...home to several lost mods, including Custom Force-X, Suicide Squad, Avengers Special and more! Drop in and visit a loved one today!

tommyboys meshes


Dont let the title fool you...theres alot more than meshes here, but theres also defiantley ALOT OF MESHES!!!! Theres everything here, even mods and meshes for Marvel Ultimate Alliance!!!!

memoth hall

on whimsy lane

Welcome to the regal domain of the dictionable Phantom Bunnyburst, where you'll find commodiously acclimizing means, capitol persiflage, and maybe you'll even savor snozzberries!!!

goggles pizannos


Goggles little corner of the Freedom Force where you can download LOTS of great add-ons for Freedom Force X (FFVTR). Theres plugins, new building textures, and 160 MAPS!!!!




liberty bay


Home to a full original game that takes place in Liberty Bay, a sister to patriot city. Play as the supergroup Liberty Inc. For FFVTR only. Also include FFX version 3.1.

the skinventory


This is where you'll find Spring Heeld Jacks skins, mainstream and original. This is also your Freedom Force- X-STATIC source! If you love Deadgirl like i do get your butt over there and start downloading!


spectral knights


A fresh place for gathering Spectral Knights skins, which come in two flavors thus far, original and House Of Ideas. I cant wait to watch this seed grow. Theres a really great Captain Britian pack here fans!



This site belongs to the obnoxious community villian, Catmanexe. Dont bother visiting the link! He sucks the bag and isnt to be trusted. It used be called The Litterbox, which is more appropriate for such a loathsome piece of...


freedom force x


More than a mere mod, FFX by DRMIKE and M25 will change FF or FFVTR into a whole new dimension!!! One that you'll be able to customize in every way that you couldnt in the originals!

heroforce v.2.0


The new home to skinning legends Podmark, Afghan Ant, and Ultimate Evil (who's actually pretty nice). There is some outright stunning looking stuff on this page! Lots of characters your requesting!

the dod



The proud home of Lunarmans completly original superworld where you navigate The Defenders Of Democracy through FFVTR. Theres also maps, voicepacks, as well as Urthmans portrait packs>

this place!


A link to this here site, FreedomForceForever, by Catwhowalksbyhimself. All of us hanging out here call this place home, as most of us lost ours, and are unprovably greatfull.



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